Promexico Seminar and Doing Business

On October 26th, Promexico, an organization within the Mexican government charged with strengthening the integration of Mexico’s economy into the world economy, hosted a seminar in Chicago, IL called “It’s Time to Do Business in Mexico.” The seminar was designed to highlight the number of unique opportunities investing in Mexico provides.

Chuck Yanh of the Offshore Group was the featured panelist. He told PR Newswire “Manufacturers seeking to initiate and maintain operations in Mexico can do so in an accelerated time frame and without the need to make weighty capital investments.”

The seminar highlighted how doing business with Mexico can be lower cost and lower risk than sourcing to China, India, and Southeast Asian countries. Some reasons for this include increased flexibility from overland shipping, increases in international sea route shipping rates over 2008 and 2009, and the largest trade bloc at purchasing power parity in the world.

The US/Mexico import export sector is an integral part of these opportunities but also a hidden part of these opportunities, but the import export industry is invisible to the final consumer. Most of the time, consumer goods and agriculture will travel to and from the United States and Mexico and reach the consumer without the consumer’s ever having been conscious that the product came from abroad.

It is also often invisible to businesses until they need it, and at such times its visibility is suddenly a complicated problem. Businesses need a company with experience and a proven record, and Express World Trade, Inc. offers that.