About Us

Express World Trade, Inc. is located in Laredo, Texas, both the “gateway to Mexico” and one of the busiest land ports on the US mainland. Our staff has served the area for more than twenty years. We are located on the corner of Killam Industrial Blvd at Spivey Road, five minutes from the World Trade Bridge and en route to and from the Colombia Bridge. Our location ensures that we are always close to where you do business. Call, email, or walk in to discuss which of our services is right for your business.

There are three things to keep in mind when you’re trying to decide whether Express World Trade, Inc. or another US/Mexico import export company.


Need a lot of storage? We have that. A fenced in lot, actually, and a warehouse. Need your inventory secure? We have that too. Wake up in a cold sweat at 2 am because you’ve had a dream that someone is vandalizing, burning, stealing, or otherwise destroying your inventory and need to check right now to make sure that’s not the case? We have that too, or rather you do, with access to twenty-four hour surveillance. We have tools in place to make sure that you don’t need to feel insecure about any part of your US/Mexico import export operations, and even if you still do, we have tools in place for that too.


You could store your inventory with a friend of yours. You could ask your mom to handle US customs for you. You could ask your Starbucks barista for an overview of the wide variety of services that we offer. Odds are, you wouldn’t have much luck with any of these people, unless one of them happens also to be on our staff. There’s a reason we brag about having more than twenty years of experience in US/Mexico import export in the Laredo area. That experience brings with it a network of business relationships and an understanding of customs that less experienced companies don’t have.


It’s still your inventory. It may be living in our storage facilities, we may be organizing shipments of it across the border, you may not have touched it in weeks, but it’s still your inventory, which is something we always keep in mind. So why shouldn’t you be able to view it at any time? Why shouldn’t you have online management capabilities? Why shouldn’t you have access to a wide variety of services pertaining to it? We don’t think there are meaningful answers to any of these questions. As long as it’s your inventory, we believe you should have control.