Laredo Import/Export Services

Once upon a time it was easy to get by with just local business. Also once upon a time, import export operations were easy. But the rise of a globalized economy and the modern national security environment have changed all of that. We get it: your business isn’t in just your neighborhood. It’s not even in just your town, just your city, or just your country. You have packs to move, and you need some help moving them.

Express World Trade, Inc. offers extensive experience in US/Mexico import export. Though we were founded in 2009, our staff has more than twenty years of experience in US/Mexico import export business. We can assure you consistent, reliable, and expeditious service, thanks to our professional personnel.

With all of our experience, we’ve learned a few things about service, which is why our clients don’t always have to figure out everything they want à la carte. We can consolidate services for the whole import export process, including our own services, US/Mexico customs brokers, those of US/Mexico transportation companies, and railroad ramp loading and unloading, just to name a few. All of this gets to you as a single invoice, reducing your paperwork and keeping your expenses easy to manage and understand.

Need storage? We have you covered. We have a warehouse that can be used for transloads and short and long term storage and a fenced yard with spaces for more than eighty trailers.

Because it’s important to you that your inventory stays safe, it’s also important to us. All of our storage is monitored to ensure your inventory stays safe. The fenced yard includes a guardhouse and secure in and out access. The warehouse is secured by burglar and fire systems.

If you urgently need access to your inventory, you probably need it sooner rather than later, so we offer our clients networked systems to ensure that any requests they have can be handled rapidly. We use Velocity inventory management. We offer ABI (Automated Broker Interface) support, allowing for faster processing times with US/Mexico customs. You will have access to live surveillance video to watch your inventory at any time. We also offer power of attorney arrangements. All of these help to ensure that you have reliable access to your information and that your US/Mexico import export process is as smooth and expeditious as possible.

We are Express World Trade, Inc., and we’re here to make your US/Mexico import export operations work.

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